03 August 2018 by Batista Harahap on Hackintosh | high sierra | nvme

NVMe Hackintosh - High Sierra

A few months ago I wrote about my 2018 Hackintosh which I've just upgraded again. This time by adding an NVMe drive into the motherboard. A blog post here made me very excited to try it out for myself. I chose a Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB because of its

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06 February 2018 by Batista Harahap

Hackintosh 2018 Upgrades

Leveraging the upgradeability of a Hackintosh, I made some more upgrades. The most notable is water cooling and a new Nvidia 1050 Ti GPU. It's now the beefiest spec of any hardware I own. The specs are now: Intel Core i3 6100 Corsair H60 CPU Watercooling Biostar B250-GT3 Motherboard Nvidia

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08 September 2017 by Batista Harahap

Getting Your Feet Wet in Cryptocurrency Investments

Since my last posts in various social media, I get asked a lot about the basics of cryptocurrency investments. So I figured, I'll just write up something easy to digest for people that are still new to this. For this purpose, I'm gonna stick to only the safer options. WARNING:

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19 August 2017 by Batista Harahap

Cryptocurrency Investment Portfolio

I'm back with more cryptocurrency investment updates. Bitconnect has been giving a very good interest for me. It's Day 26 and I'm expecting a 26 days average of 1.22% in daily interest. From the first venture, I wanted to do high risk investments. Be careful what you wish for,

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15 August 2017 by Batista Harahap on bitconnect | cryptocurrency | bitcoin

Bitconnect Investment - Day 21

This is the 21st of my $1500 investment in Bitconnect. Well technically it's a loan for Bitconnect, in which everyday I get paid on average a 1% interest. The principal is withheld for 239 days in my case. Long story short, it's going well. As you can see above, in

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