Batista R. Harahap

Do or Die!

This is it!

It feels like everything that I've done back in 2009 is leading me to 2010. I have no idea how 2010 is gonna affect me, it's not my privilege to say what's gonna happen. I'm just adding it all up and now, it's becoming more of a fact than merely dreams.

My gratefulness span to my family and friends who are always been a part of me. Your motivation to me has always been perceived in a positive way. Thank you to Yosephine for your undying love for me and for your endless patience. You are and always will be my driving force.

Last but least, to J Who is more than anyone else, the Giver of my passion and my source of joy and happiness. You gave me a purpose in this temporary life. Thy will be done, use me as Your vessel to share Your Greatness.

Happy new year 2010 everyone, let's make things happen!

01 January 2010 by Batista Harahap on 2010
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