21 August 2011 by Batista Harahap on codes | coding | codinghorror.com | data | data structures | dave fayram | developer | developers | development | information | perspective | pointers | programmer | programming | prograsm | startup

Life As A Developer

Okay I'm being straightforward in saying: this is a rather narcissistic blog post about who else but me :p This blog is my venting mechanism or in a more subtle way, my idealism to share everything I have collectively gather throughout this irreplaceable and most grateful life as non other

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24 June 2010 by Batista Harahap on developers | empower | monetize | monetizing | StartupLokal

Being a StartupLokal

Tonight was a StartupLokal meeting with @novpratama, @phoetz, @MissDimps, @rampok, @sagad, @nataliardianto and @nuniek. We gathered at Pizza e Birra, Plaza Indonesia EX and watched SVN vs ENG afterwards right there. The agenda of the meeting was to talk about the directions of where StartupLokal is going. Out of all

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