03 August 2018 by Batista Harahap on Hackintosh | high sierra | nvme

NVMe Hackintosh - High Sierra

A few months ago I wrote about my 2018 Hackintosh which I've just upgraded again. This time by adding an NVMe drive into the motherboard. A blog post here made me very excited to try it out for myself. I chose a Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB because of its

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27 June 2017 by Batista Harahap on Hackintosh

Hackintosh 2017 - Upgraded

I built a Hackintosh a few weeks ago because I want an upgradeable Mac. And so I upgraded. Also since now I'm back in Jakarta, I took an SSD from my now defunct HTPC + Storage rig. The storage part which is a 3TB USB Harddrive decided to break. So now

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20 June 2017 by Batista Harahap on Hackintosh

Hackintosh 2017 From Used Parts

After some motivation from a colleague about this game I'm after, I decided to build myself a PC. That idea got me thinking, why not build with parts that are Hackintosh compatible. Further more, since this is a PC, I can build lean in the beginning and upgrade along the

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17 February 2014 by Batista Harahap on Hackintosh | Mac | mavericks

Hackintosh Rig 2014

A few weeks ago my brother in law asked me to help him build a Hackintosh rig. I obliged with the utmost curiosity. It's been a while since I last built one so this will be interesting. The first thing I did was heading to InsanelyMac's forums. There were a

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