Batista R. Harahap

WordGrapher - Build A Graph from Words and Documents

Just recently (last night), Steven Loria updated TextBlob to v0.5.0. The module enabled a relatively easy way to do Natural Language Processing in Python. NLTK is a dependency so it's familiar turfs with an easier getting started part. Based on this, I did also did an easy way to parse a set of words and documents to measure important keywords based on TF-IDF algorithm.

A few minutes ago I uploaded the module to PyPi and tagged it as v0.1.0. It's still rough and what it does is just plain TF-IDF for now. The next version will incorporate the said graph building feature.

Basic use will be using it to create an Google-like autocomplete feature when you do a search but that's a topic for another day. For now, I am using it to analyze my own tweets and to favorite other tweets relevant with my own tweets automatically.

Head on to for some action.

12 August 2013 by Batista Harahap on graph | machine learning | nlp | nltk | textblob | word graph | wordgraph
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