Batista R. Harahap

XL Network Time Slightly Disrupted

Today around 6 PM in the evening, my Blackberry's time was messed up. The time for no reason was changed to 00:00. I checked my Date/Time settings and found something not right.

My operator is XL and what I like from XL is that it supports Network Time sync with my Blackberry. I choose to sync the time and what I found was the Network Time was set at the same 00:00 the next day as my Blackberry. Well it was actually 00:07.

I kept it like that for around an hour or so when I opened up my Blackberry to find that the time was corrected. I should've screenshot this but I was in the middle of something :(

Well that's one blunder I noticed from XL among many. All my incoming emails got screwed up, no biggies for me but for time sensitive people, this can get messy.

27 April 2010 by Batista Harahap on blackberry | curve | gemini | network time | XL
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