30 Is The New 20

First and foremost, Happy 7th of August everyone! This is a day of joy as the default theme. Have a blessed and fruitful Tuesday for everyone.

Looking back 10 years ago when I was having my 20th birthday, it was a different experience. Back then was full of ideals, theories and mostly anger. Those 3 things shaped the last 10 years of my life in it entirety. Now, that anger have been turned more into spirit, a rebellion spirit I might assert. I still refuse to go with mainstream ideals and choosing to make my choices/decisions based on creative thinkings that override norms.

It’s that time (again) to experience another 10 years of my life with the same determinations believing that 1 is enough to inspire and contribute to CHANGE. Nothing is consistent, the only consistency is change and therefore change is inevitable. I’m gonna spend the next decade to do exactly that. The kind of change that filter non-sense, bullshit and opportunists out of the ecosystem.

Thank you friends and families for all the wishes, God bless you all and let this happy day for me becomes yours also.

Viva la vida!