7 Must Have Applications for My Android

I just installed myself a slick new ROM for my Nexus One and I figure why not share the applications I deem MUST-HAVE. It would be interesting if in the distant future whether my must-haves still remains the same.

  1. Twidroyd - twidroyd.com The BEST Twitter client for Android. What made me comfortable instantly was its UI. Everything is right where they’re supposed to be enabling me to Tweet without being confused small buttons for my thumb.

    The paid version offers a bigger widget applet. I paid for this app not because of the widget but because it’s just plainly great!

  2. Robo Defense Free - Lupis Labs If you ask me why the free version, it’s because I can’t pay for it without doing some workarounds. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be addicted and consider this game like drugs hahaha.

    Want the paid version? Google it!

  3. Adobe Flash Player for Android - adobe.com I didn’t really like Flash on the desktop but with mobile devices, I’m loving it. Code once, deploy everywhere ;) I’m installing this to have a go with Augmented Reality but still need more success with Android’s camera :(

    Other than that, go ahead and install FroYo owners, the games are worth it!

  4. Barcode Scanner - ZXing Need I say more? Very useful and handy, you’ll never know when you need this app!
  5. Wikitude World Browser - wikitude.org This app is the primary reason why Augmented Reality is a no brainer in Android. You can use this with pre-defined layers or integrate it into your self-built applications.

    The best thing is that for now, everything is still free. So get it now!

  6. Foursquare - foursquare.com Ok I admit it. I just love the badges and the points I’m getting everyday lol. It’s just fun and this is what every application should be.

    I haven’t tried Foursquare in any other platforms except Android and Blackberry. I have to say the Android version has a very high usability point. It’s damn easy and self-explanatory. Kudos to the guys behind it!

  7. Google Goggles - google.com This is by far the coolest Android app I’ve ever tried. With the support of one of the biggest image bank in the net if not the biggest, Android users can show off anytime to anyone lol.

    I just hope Google stayed on recognizing objects and not people.

So that’s my 7 must-haves. I’m sure with these 7 apps, you’ll always playing with your phone draining the batteries. Thank God for unlimited Internet connection :D