A Very Full & Startup-esque Week

Okay last week was an amazing one. It’s a change from my routines albeit a welcomed one :) A lot of things happened in just 1 week both personally and professionally.

First of all, my very own startup Ktemu is on a new milestone on the roadmap. Before actually launching later this coming months, I decided to go directly into the market. Ktemu is targeted as a B2B and also B2C startup. Not too worried on the latter part so I went head first with B2B.

I got a meeting scheduled with the COO of one of Indonesia’s biggest brands holding company and also one of the biggest media holding in Indonesia. To tell you the truth, Ktemu was a hit instantly. What we offer is just what they need. They even gave me a few insights about the market which they will also dive in this coming month. A good quote from the COO is “Analyzed analytical data is the future for businesses globally”. Quantifications is gold.

[caption id=“attachment_397” align=“aligncenter” width=“300” caption=“Ktemu”]Ktemu[/caption]

Fortunately for Ktemu, this is what it is all about. We got off on a good start and best of all, Ktemu is free for all :) More about Ktemu will be posted on Ktemu’s website in time.

Next up is the #StartupLokal gathering in Oh La La Cafe, Thamrin. It was a blast. According to #StartupLokal mailing list, a total of 94 registered participants were there. Important topics about building a startup was talked. All the big players and early startups were there. However great it is that night, it was also quite disappointing :( The community grew big and needed a better venue to meet up. Coffee shops won’t fit, not anymore. It also felt less focused compared to the first meetup. We need to find a proper space.

I would love to write more paragraphs from my experience at the second #StartupLokal meetup but sadly for now, 1 paragraph is all I have :(

So there it is, my full & startup-esque week. Hooray for #StartupLokal!