Android Apps for Travelling

Today is a start of a 2 days trip to Bacakan, Jogja and FOWAB, Bandung. For this reason, I started hunting for Android apps that are tailored made for travelers. Definitely the kind of apps offer travel-ease and maybe some local content if available. By the way, I haven’t used all of them extensively but worthy of installation nevertheless.

So let’s start with the list!

  1. Wikitude - This is the first app that came into mind. Also one of my 7 must-haves. With its Augmented Reality feature, I’m sure it’ll give me a different experience. Someday I’ll be layering for them when the time is right. They have Indonesian contents but I’m not sure it’ll be large enough to cover Jakarta-Solo-Jogja-Bandung. Let’s find out then ;)
  2. My Augmented Reality - Now this is a handy app. It basically gets geo coordinates from GPS of your location and lets you tag the location. This will be my number one app for geotagging.
  3. 3D Compass - Thanks to HTC, my Android has its own compass. With this app, I’m sure it’ll be a neat survival tool if I ever get lost.
  4. Lookator - A very cool app to scan for Wifi APs and show you where it is and if you ever get low signals, just head towards the AP in Augmented Reality view to get stronger signals. Need Internet, this is a Must!
  5. TravelCamerAR - This app will take pictures using the camera hardware and automatically geotag the pictures taken. By the way, it’s another Augmented Reality app. I just love AR.
  6. AugSatNav - One of the best Turn-by-Turn Augmented Reality navigation app for Android. Once I found a cool place to go, I need to know how to get there! Used this app over and over to look for addresses while driving. Very useful and a Must Have!
  7. Twidroyd - I need to tweet so a Twitter client is a Must Have. Java here I come :p
So there you go. My must-haves for travelling with an Android!