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Bitconnect Investment - Day 21

This is the 21st of my $1500 investment in Bitconnect. Well technically it's a loan for Bitconnect, in which everyday I get paid on average a 1% interest. The principal is withheld for 239 days in my case. Long story short, it's going well.

Bitconnect Investment and Earned Interest

As you can see above, in 21 days I have accrued $367.65 in interest. That's a 24.5% in just 21 days. The past 21 days has been good to all lenders because after Segwit, the price per Bitcoin is skyrocketing, now at $4400.

Lending Wallet Detail #1

Have a look up there, the interests are pretty crazy I'd say. But there were also days when the interests are 0.x%.

Lending Wallet Detail #2

There were days when I only got 0.17% but since I have a 0.1% guarantee, it shoots up to 0.27%. How right?

Here's a breakdown:

  • 100 to 1000 - No guarantee - 299 days principal hold
  • 1010 to 5000 - 0.1% guarantee - 239 days principal hold
  • 5010 to 10000 - 0.2% guarantee - 179 days principal hold
  • 10010 to 100000 - 0.25% guarantee - 120 days principal hold

Bitconnect lending is not for everyone, putting money into it and also getting money out is not like the ordinary. It's not easy to explain how the Blockchain works and waiting 6 confirmations until funds are available to my mom. Yes my mom wants in.

If you're excited and ready to loose what you can afford, then head over here (referal link).

When you've set up an account, PLEASE PLEASE enable 2 Factor Authentication, this will save you in the future.

I will report back with more Bitconnect coolness.

15 August 2017 by Batista Harahap on bitconnect | cryptocurrency | bitcoin
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