Brilliant Minds at #StartupLokal Gathering

This Thursday night is a moment where innovation and most importantly being local matters. The potentials and ideas that we as Indonesians have are off the chart and I mean that! Indonesian Startups need mentoring and that’s a confession.

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Every one of us either startups or well established online businesses are connected in a way that we NEED to bring out synergy between us. Each one of us brings something to the table. We are all strong in principle and our own ideas. The thing with ideas is that it can expand and grow into what once before unfamiliar territories. The idea started out small but actually it’s a nesting point for bigger ideas to be built upon.

I’m gonna take for example my own idea. It’s a Augmented Reality/Location Based Service mobile app. In its most simple form, it’s a cool way to present Point of Interests (POI) to the mass. To further create a platform that can sustain the app itself, I will need to tap into the creative side of me and translate that creativity into revenue. When I did, I was not the only one with an idea with a cool demo. What I visioned and needed to expand the app was already a core business of someone else’s startup. I can focus on my own idea and work together with others which in turn benefits the 2 businesses. This is old school networking and this is the right time for Indonesia to grow/unite.

Quoting from @rampok (Rama Mamuaya of, “Don’t focus on monetizing, focus on the idea itself”. I couldn’t understand this at first because after all, we’re creating apps to generate revenues. The positive point of that particular quote is for me to focus on packaging the app in a way that users can get a whole new level of experience with the app. It’s true! The more people out there using the app, the traffic will eventually monetize the app. It’s more of a nerve test for me, in order for the app the succeed, Mediafusion as the creator must have the stomach to endure the process.

So I’m very excited about this incredible turn of events, it’s the passion of each startup with our ideas that makes this gathering a refreshing boost of energy. It’s a great motivation to have your work appreciated, challenged and mentored. I’m not afraid of making right my past or future mistakes, I’m more afraid of not realizing that I’m making a mistake. That’s what I value most from this gathering. The big guys like Kaskus and are sharing their experience with us so that we didn’t make the wrongs they did. Everyone deserve to be as big as big can be, it’s back to us to vision how big.

Thank you for all the new friends, I’m sure #StartupLokal will incubate and create more big names. Just have to have the guts :)