Church and Technology

Had an eventful night and for the first time in my life, I am of service to my Church. A few weeks ago, I read about the Church’s Database team needing help in technical areas. Always wanted to somehow offer myself for service and the chance is now.

Last week was the first meeting talking about what the general concepts are. I was surprised really. The Church elders always seem like they are a few generations behind but the meeting last week showed none of it. The participants are from different age groups and the discussions were very open minded in content and also most definitely concept.

Through my experiences, there were always a consistency when it comes to technology from an outsider’s perspective. Technology almost always seems like an outreach beyond. Being a product guy, I tried to bridge the technicalities with a more down to earth approach. I still can’t comprehend how J up there made all things possible, I showed up at the right time. They needed perspectives and I got to know wonderful people with amazing thoughts about how technology can bring younger generations closer to the Church.

Talked about gadgets and how the Church can be relevant by using technology as the enabler. It’s quite the grand idea and the people working towards achieving the idea are just as grand. People I didn’t know until a week ago, people who their passion is to serve J.

So tonight we went to talk with a small board of elders to present all the research and discussions that were previously conducted. To our surprise, the elders and the priests were VERY responsive and VERY open to how the task will bring context and most importantly data as a base for the Church to react for next 50 years and beyond.

The Database team was previously under the wings of a sub committee but through tonight’s meeting, we were upgraded to be report directly to the elders and the Priests. This was a major improvement toward realizing this project. The project broke down organizational bureaucracy, 50 years worth of it I might add.

I am lucky to witness a religious and cultural evolution happening right in front of my eyes. More so, J has placed me in a position where all of my learnings can be a great boost towards the Church’s purpose. The Database team’s goal is to make the Church relevant and personal, this is something that I can help to create. Create products to further His reach and be part among brilliant minds.

The rest of the year and beyond will be a lot of fun, I sincerely hope and pray that what we are doing will impact lives. He has brought all of us together for a reason and this is all possible because of His grace spans more than just The Database team, the elders, the Priests and even the Church.

For the next 50 years, Thy will be done.