Code Hinting & Autocompletion for CodeIgniter in PHPStorm

Finally, moving back and forth between models, views and controllers is just too distracting and time consuming. I had to find another way to navigate my way between codes. I tweeted asking about alternative IDEs in Mac OS X to achieve this. Turns out there is a way!

I got a tip from @LuisFAlonso (THANK YOU!) to check out instructions from a blog here. I followed the instructions and restarted PHPStorm afterwards. Sadly, it didn’t work :(

I did a Google search and was happy to read a blog post here. But it didn’t work (again). The instructions was to copy paste lines of comments directly to the system/core/Controller.php and system/core/Model.php. The thing is, my system folder is outside the public folder. So I copy pasted the Controller part to application/core/MY_Controller.php. It WORKED!

Now I’m happy with a new IDE and Code hinting + Autocompletion!