Coding with Code Igniter

Wow it’s been too long since I actually do any hands-on coding with PHP. This time I’m choosing Code Igniter as my framework of choice for an e-commerce project for one of Mediafusion’s client.

[caption id=“attachment_287” align=“alignnone” width=“423” caption=“My Dreamweaver with CI Controller Codes”]My Dreamweaver with CI Controller Codes[/caption]

After these past few weeks dwelling with complicated Java and all its glory, going back to my comfort zone, it felt great! I really feel that this is the right time to code in PHP again. It’s already giving me more coding confidence with Java. I mean if you’re stuck, go back to your roots and you might learn a thing or two to inspire you.

I choose Code Igniter because it’s the most flexible MVC framework compared to its competitors. What I like most is its ability to be integrated with just about anything. I once integrated Smarty Templating Engine with it and it made a heavy traffic website ease its load. The reason why framework is important for me instead of coding from scratch is I can just integrated already developed modules into it. It cuts my development time significantly. An acceptable performance trade-off well worth its price.

Anyways, as I said, modules are already there. I was looking for a Facebook Connect integration for Code Igniter and by Googling it, I found my answer! Put in all the required files into its respective folders, do a little coding adjustments and it executed perfectly.

Another advantage of using Code Igniter is that I’m coding more efficiently and adhering to standards. I’m used to not put quotes in my PHP array variables and by doing that, I’m causing a performance degradation with my codes. Now with Code Igniter, it’ll always warn me and refuses to run if there are any array variables not quoted correctly. Thanks for this Code Igniter!

The next thing I like is instant pretty URL’s. By opting to use a framework, everything is setup accordingly and just by changing a few lines of code. Very useful because pretty URL’s and its logic can sometimes cause sleepless nights lol. Code Igniter is also very flexible in choosing the format of its controllers to handle pretty URL’s. It parses the URL’s as functions and variables. Very efficient and clever!

Since I’m building an E-Commerce website, I will need a Cart system. Guess what? It’s already built-in Code Igniter, again it’s saving needed time and making me work more efficient.

Ok it’s time for me to go back to my Dreamweaver and continue on the codings. Thanks for reading guys :)