Community Audio – Music – Part 3

Here I go again blogging about my own music. It’s been quite a while since I listen to any of the songs I wrote. The statistics at The Internet Archive - Community Audio is a welcomed surprise. This is also a premier blog post using Pro’s custom domain. So 1 day after 65 years of Indonesia, I’m in a old and new mood :)

Starting off the list is a song I wrote when I was able to partly let go of someone but yeah, still wishing for something. The song is titled Kembalilah. Sung by Ina and recorded using my beloved PC named Gia. Nowadays when I listen to this song, Malaysia and my first apartment room there flashed into my mind. Those were the days lol. The song got over than 1300 downloads.


This next song is a sequel of a previous song in my second community audio post. She gave me hope and more importantly she reminded me that I am capable of Love. The song title is Amazingly You. She is and always has been a figure I inspire from. It's true, love can and will make you do things you never thought before you can. Love yourself, love her and love Him. Specifically for this song, there were no statistics yet, I just uploaded it ;)

Amazingly You

My third on this list is a song that meant a lot for Ina. She was experiencing the lyrics at the time. The title of the song is Mendua. Well I'm happy to say, she's one of the luckiest and the happiest married couple in earth :) Bottomline, make a choice, that's just what life is all about anyways ;) It got exactly 11 square downloads.


For the last song, this is a masterpiece of both myself and Ina. This song is universal in it's truest meaning of love. We dedicate this song to our beloved Grandpa. By his examples, we understood a whole lot of things in life. He is one of the finest people I have ever had the privilege to know. With this song, his legacy is continued throughout the years. The title is My Dear One and it raked over than 3300 downloads.

My Dear One

So that's all folks for now. Thanks for a life full of meaningful things!