Community Audio - Music - Part 1

It’s been more than 5 years since I uploaded my first Creative Commons Licensed music now referred as Community Audio at Bottom-line, looking at the statistics, I was in smiles :) The Internet Archive is more accessible to the mass it reads.

There’s this song that I feel is in tune with #StartupLokal hehehe. When I wrote the song, I was on a transitional phase. The song is titled “Ain’t Sorry” and it was sung by my cousin Ina. The song had more than 1200 downloads :D It’s a brave song and I’m grateful a self-development NGO in the USA is using the song in one of their trainings, something I did made some difference in the world, be grateful! Stream it down below :D

Ain’t Sorry

Another song that surprised me was “Adalah Satu”. This was not an easy song. My best friend handed me a piece of paper with lyrics he wrote to express his feelings about his relationship at the moment. It was tough because I knew what he is going through. Anyways, this song raked in over than 1400 downloads. Vocals by me and Utin with Ina as backing vocals and piano.

Adalah Satu

Heaven Sent” is a song I wrote from one of my old friend Suz’s poems. The most meaningful lyric line for me is “Flowers once again bloom to die, only to bloom again and again in another dimension of LOVE..” Thanks Suz, it’s an inspiration. I was in guitar and vocals for this song.

Heaven Sent

For this last song of the night “Dialah”, I didn’t know it’ll be the most downloaded at over than 4600 downloads. Thank you all for downloading! Actually this song is right at the edge of average. The typical surviving a heartbreak lyrics. Well that relates exactly to all of us right? I don’t believe there’s anyone in this God given earth have never had a heartbreak at least once. The song was sung by Ina, I was in guitars.


Ok the songs above wraps up the first part of Community Audio. I’m gonna add more parts, if you wanna go and see all the rest, the link is here. Enjoy everyone!