Community Audio - Music - Part 2

On to the next part of Community Audio a.k.a my own music hosted at The Internet Archive. Most of the song I wrote are hosted over there while still there are other hosted at Myspace and iLike. Looking at the statistics, The Internet Archive is a clear winner, offering access to larger crowds.

One of my favorite song is “My Good Friend”. I remembered when writing this song, I was just fooling around with my guitar and my cousin Ina came from out of nowhere and she just started to sing along. In the end we came up with a song that is spontaneous and honest. The song had over than 750 downloads.

My Good Friend

Another song I wrote out of spontaneity is "Dirimu Ada". Utin a friend of me and Ina's had a collection of poems she shared with us. When we scanned through the poems, we fell in love with this particular poem. It's a song about longing your beloved and also about gratitude towards to that person. Thank you Lord for friends and family :) The song got over than 450 downloads.

Dirimu Ada

Now comes to a song I wrote first before any other songs :) Well it's a happy yet gloomy song. Yes it's about love. Broken but strong. I went from Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur to give this particular song to someone. Now we're friends like never before, learned a lot about love. The song is titled "As Good As It Gets" Everytime I listen to it, I get giggles lol. Sung by Angel, I'm on guitars. Downloaded over than 1100 times.

As Good As It Gets

The last song of this part is titled "Inside of You". Dedicated to someone I have loved with every beat of my heart. Written on the first few weeks we were together. The first song I wrote to her and still have more to be written into more songs. My apologies for the audio quality, I recorded it using a cell phone :) Not much downloads, 39 to be precise but this song meant a lot to me. Sung by me while playing my guitar.

Inside of You