Ah not often I write blog posts with only a word as its title, this will be the first for 2011. Couldn’t think of any other title suiting for what I have in mind. It’s just it, compartments. More often than not, in life generally, everyone of us are obliged to do and think horizontally vast and wide making our heads divided into compartments.

All of those compartments are often problems right? At least it’s something we haven’t or currently trying to solve at the moment. It’s just life, problems are just second nature. I say second because each of one of us is the first. Our definition as a human being is the first. Codes can define anything logically right? But codes are like robots, the dynamics in life are just too much to compute. Blessed are we given by the Almighty tools (IDE) to get through anything life has to offer.

A good IDE will ease problem fixing by giving us code completion. Isn’t that great with we have something like that in life? Well, I feel not. Call me crazy but I’m a developer who actually hates logic as much as I hate chickens (I don’t eat chickens, I like eggs though). Because codes/logic are the end product of something bigger than lines of codes.

A great IDE is yourself. Being in love is a great example to illustrate what I have in mind. Mileages may vary but one thing for sure, infatuation at some level happens when you fall in love. The kind of feeling that lets you say: She’s hot. Interpret the last sentence with your own preferences. After the infatuation empowers you, it gives you courage to at least start a conversation with her. Quite the rush when you’re doing it right?

Conversation leads to taking her out and enjoying the evening together. After all that, you can decipher for yourselves if it’s a go or no go. Decision is made with lots and lots of consideration isn’t it? This is when your character is tested. The most pivotal moment of falling in love, at least at the beginning. Wasting or spending too much time to think is as like doing nothing at all because that’s just it, nothing.

That’s the connection I want to highlight. Again I say codes/login are the end product, your actions towards your crush or someone you fell in love with is the end product. It is the love itself you felt that’ll make you keep going, even after rejection in some cases. In my opinion codes/logic is never wrong, it’s me as the developer not widening enough of my horizon or sometimes too vertical towards the problem that I forget how and why I love what I’m doing.

Yin and Yang is a state of balance right? Well I say balance is not 50-50. It’s just wrong to split your head into doing something 50-50. That’s only for 2 compartments, the more compartments you have, the less percentage the problems inside will get a solution. Ideally it’s a must to deal with the problems 100-100. But again in life, what is ideal?

The dynamics of ideal gets shifted every single day for as long as we live our lives. So I say, no matter how much the percentage, balance doesn’t necessarily mean it must be equal. As we all were taught in school, the world is 3 dimensional while Einstein says it’s 4 dimensional with the fourth dimension is time.

To handle dynamics, we gotta be dynamic. Every single problem deserve a 99% focus! Leave 1% for yourself. With time added into the formula, I feel you can follow where I’m heading into. Yup, flexibility. When it’s time for A than A is 99% thought of and the same goes for B through Z. I’m dying to code all this but I’m not gonna steal your thunder. If you’re a developer, code all this into something, pseudo-code style. Share it cos although problems never gets any easier, it sure as hell fun to talk about or share it with others. Who knows, maybe a 99% focus takes only 5 minutes to solve a problem?