Disruptive Habitats

In awe is common when something beyond the norm happens, usually having with it positive reinforcements of what’s common. On this note I wanna base this blog post: what if we’re entrapped in a bubble of our own perception of what’s common?

The human brain is a fraction of a second late to reality. This means that our brain perceive what’s real in a rather subjective manner. Our reality is shaped by our own perception of it.

The video above is another reinforcement of the paragraph before it. So what is reality? I think reality is many things at once.

  1. The closest 5 personas you’re constantly interacting with everyday.
  2. Your mindset.
  3. Your values.
  4. A purpose driven life.

Emphasis on the first item. Why?

Because I believe the 5 personas you’re interacting with right now is always changing. The most dynamic of all the others. The last 3 items are subject to change depending on how strong they are imprinted in you and or the first item.

Coming back to this blog post’s title, the only possible way create or be part of a Disruptive Habitat is to be as close as possible to our role models.

The best quote to reflect this is:

Success breeds success.