As I’m writing this, there are 3 other blog post drafts I haven’t finished writing. All of which are lengthy blog posts talking about tech, startups and everything in between. The point is: they’re drafts.

I always like anything new, that’s my achilles heel. Mostly because I enjoy the alternatives rather than the status quo. Heck, my blog is on Ghost. The new is always trying to see things from different perspective(s).

That said, I still have 3 unfinished drafts on the backlog. The oldest draft is from over 3 months ago. I’m deflecting myself all the time from ever finishing the blog posts. Most common reason would be time.

What I’m saying is; one can only plan (or write) so much. A blog post by @rajasa spoke about the same thing. I just read it and felt inspired to write this.

A few weeks ago I made the decision to NOT put myself in a comfortable position. Actually I’ve always done this in the past but now more than ever, I’m stepping it a few notches UP. Last week, I committed myself to build another startup.

I have tremendous respect for the other co-founders. All of them (including me) are always gravitating ourselves to the unknown, this time we’re doing it together. I always know that my next venture would be building another startup, I didn’t plan for it to be this quick and on top of all with these amazing people.

This time, it’s an engineering company right from the start.

Anyways, we’re still building it. Nowadays, building a product is much easier and also faster. SOA is accelerating the build process significantly to reach an MVP.

It’s about what we can reduce off of a screen/product rather than to add

This year is gonna pass so fast.