Dunia Quiz

DuniaQuiz.com is at the moment the only website in Indonesia and the world that gives cash prizes to the winners of their quizzes daily.

The responsibility covers every aspect of server management. From setting up FreeBSD 6.2 as the server, Installation & Configuration of Apache, MySQL, PHP & Zend Optimizer, Setting up statistical programs such as AWStats, Cron Jobs, Postfix mail server, PHP programming and last but not least is security hardening.

The other is marketing and promoting DuniaQuiz.com in both online and offline. The online marketing & promotion programs uses AdBrite as the website’s advertising partner. SEO techniques are also practiced to gain high ranking in search engines across the web but mostly to Google and Alexa. Offline marketing mostly involves in door-to-door promotion directly to DuniaQuiz.com’s Potential Clients. From small to medium enterprises to large scale multinational enterprises.

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