Firefox is Indonesian's Most Used Browser

Just now I was reading this particular CNET blog by Jerry Liao describing that in the Philippines, Firefox market share is at 51.44%. Well this triggers my curiousity. Since the author provided the link where got the statistics, I immediately went to StatsCounter Global Stats website.

Without wait, I went on to select Indonesia as the country with the timespan between 1 July 2008 - 19 March 2009. I was dumbfounded! I can’t believe my eyes! At the lowest point, Firefox holds 44.66% of the browser pie in 16 September 2008 while at the highest point, Firefox is at 69.26% in 15 March 2009. As of today (19 March 2009), Firefox scored 64.82%.

[caption id=“attachment_114” align=“alignnone” width=“300” caption=“Browser Stats”]Browser Stats[/caption]

So my brain started to figure out the cause of this interesting fact. Indonesia embraces OpenSource and IGOS (Indonesia Goes OpenSource) Linux distro is a testament. Maybe one of the factor supporting the statistics above is Linux penetration to the Indonesian market is increasingly high. I’ve seen Internet Cafe’s in remote places using LTSP as their method of choice.

OR, people are getting tired of IE? Well count me as one of them. Although IE8 is pretty hype with its adoption of web standards (FINALLY), promises are only promises :)

Anyways, to all Indonesian Firefox users, keep on browsing!