- A collection of readables for geeks

I love Hacker News. There’s a lot of reading materials there that’ll empower you to do or even not do things. However, it’s not localized to where I have my most interest: Indonesia. So there you have it, a clone.

First things first, is built with Telescope, a Hacker News clone coded for Node.js with Meteor. Meteor is great for real time web apps, it’s very principle is database everywhere meaning that any CRUD operations is available everywhere within the server and the client with the same codebase/API.

Since it’s still a beta product, there are still bumps and bruises but what can beat living on the edge right?

For the time being, all posts will need approvals to be published. Why? Content is king. If you don’t get it, you never will.

All things said, you should also visit and let’s dribble some hoops together.