Ghosting Wordpress

So this is my first post after migrating Wordpress to Ghost. I’m posting using an iPad Mini, it’s surprisingly performant.

I have a Digital Ocean account so the installation is effortless. There’s a ready image with Ghost preinstalled. A few clicks is all it took.

There’s a Wordpress plugin to export its content to Ghost, afterwards I just import it into Ghost and it’s done. However, the import will automatically publish all your published posts including any posts that are password protected, so be savvy about this.

Ghost doesn’t have any commenting system so the next logical step is to figure out how to add comments. There are a few choices and opted for Disqus. It was a matter of copy pasting the Disqus codes to the template.

What’s not right is the URL structure of posts. I’m still tinkering and my next post would probably about that.