God's Love

In the age of technology, seldom I read about technologists writing about God, Love or both. This post is a technologist writing about God’s Love. The transformation it brought to me. A universal meaning, to be loved and in love.

Wherever my path takes me, I’ve always talked with my colleagues about the wonder of the human body. Us humans are sentient beings made of flesh and blood. The most advanced technological wonder of the world.

Whether you’re pro-creation or not (which is not the point), we are positioned perfectly in the universe to let us humans thrive. Just the tiniest “misalignment” of events might impact our existence. But here we are, 7 billions strong.

It takes a lot of things to be right for us to be here.

The section before this is filled with rhetorics, I acknowledge. But then I’m talking about faith, not science.

In my spiritual view, I choose to believe love as the motivation of our existence. It’s like how parents love their child, it’s so close to you it’s familiar. It’s my life goal to understand what love is.

I call God as Father or Bapa in Indonesian. Ever since I was a boy, I’m always fascinated that God whom I can’t touch or see is very close to me, as my Father and also everyone else’s. The Bible never contradicts itself, especially about love.

In my earlier days of understanding love, I never considered the Old Testament love-worthy. The 10 Commandments as an example, too many don’ts for life a free will. But when I knew about how important Genesis 2:18-25 is to love, I see differently.

When I talk about love, I always talk about love when described as a parent’s love to a child (see above). But the precursor to it is between a man and a woman. I don’t understand enough about love.

The verse from Genesis says that the relationship between a man and a woman is of bone and flesh. While a man is created from dust, a woman is created from a man’s rib. From this view, the relationship between a man and a woman is as close as it gets. There is a helper for every men in the form of a woman.

The formula might look simple but like fine wine, needs to mature:

  • A man should know himself well, so well that a man loves a woman like he loves himself.
  • A woman helps a man in his quest to understand love in shaping the man to be more like Him.

I can’t agree more that those 2 things should be in every marriage vows in all the churches in the world.

It’s clear to me that I’m a long way from understanding God’s Love. I’m not exactly an example of a successful marriage life, but I don’t believe any marriage is perfect and not to mention build to last. I admit I don’t know more about myself and when a man knows more about himself, the basic truth is a man can love a woman. So I never understood to be loved because I don’t know myself well enough.

When my grandfather passed away, I put in my heart that he passed away because he already understands what God’s Love is. And boy did he understand. He designs the life of his wife and descendants so well that we live a good life, or at least more than adequate if not abundant.

The kind of legacy my grandfather gave me made me understood from early that getting your hands dirty is how to live life. He’s not the chatter type, but when he speaks, he tells it as it is. I once got a fergie-esque hair dryer treatment when I printed and showed him a stack of stolen CC numbers. I went from blackhat to whitehat, it changed how I use my knowledge for.

My grandfather is a great man.

To be half as a great as he is, I know now that I need to learn more about the relationship of a man and a woman. I’ve figured out honesty, I need to know more about me.

Mileages may vary, my story is my own. I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all train of thought for everyone. But for me, God’s Love needs to be understood romantically, no less.

Who’s your love?