Google Nexus One, How GREAT!

Okay I just got myself a Google Nexus One from one of the best Indonesian community in the WWW. Kaskus’ FJB is the most exciting e-commerce website for Indonesians.

I’m still waiting for my Android SDK downloads to finish and I though why not blog about my new toy :)

While unboxing the N1, I noticed that the packaging is quite sleek with Google colors accentuated just enough to have a Googlish feeling about the box.

So without waiting, I put a SIM card in it and powered on my N1. The first impression I got was the hardware under the hood is way better than an iPhone 3G. I used a 3G for quite a while until I decide that it was just too slow to bear and too many restrictions to cope as a developer.

THE SCREEN IS HUGE! With a higher resolution of 800x480 pixels, the AMOLED screen is wonderful! I wonder how a AMOLED4 screen will look like. But the Nexus One sure has one of the best screens up to date.

For you guys in Indonesia using XL as your carrier, here are the settings for N1:

  • Name: XL GPRS
  • APN: (regular GPRS) or xlunlimited (XL Unlimited plan)
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: xlgprs (regular GPRS) or leave it blank for XL Unlimited
  • Password: proxl (regular GPRS) or leave it black for XL Unlimited
  • Server: leave it blank
  • MMSC: leave it blank
  • MMS Proxy: leave it blank
  • MMS Port: leave it blank
  • MCC: 510
  • MNC: 11
  • Authetication type: leave it blank
  • APN type: default,supl
The next thing that I was loving is N1’s multitasking support. You can’t get this on an iPhone 3G, even with iPhone 4.0 firmware. Steve Jobs said that the hardware wasn’t strong enough.

The first application I installed was Twidroid. I was looking for a replacement to UberTwitter. What I can say is that UberTwitter is for now irreplaceable. TwiDroid can cover almost everything except TwitLonger. With UberTwitter, any tweets with a TwitLonger extension will be recognized automatically when you click on them. This is a low blow for me so I’m not too satisfied.

The next thing I noticed quite unexplainable is the Android Market’s download behavior. I haven’t pin point the problem but it seems that in some odd cases, it just won’t download the application you choose to download. Any info about this guys?

I read @omphandt’s tweet about rooting his Miley. I gathered up some infos from XDA Developers and rooted my own Nexus One. I used a CyanogenMod ROM for my NexusOne. From all the reviews, this ROM got some heavy followers. I’m gonna try more ROMs this coming few weeks until I can be really comfy with a choice.

What’s shocking is that when I was having a meeting with a client somewhere near Bunderan HI, my client tested the Youtube application over HSDPA. We were shocked with the result. No lag and no wait for the video to stream. It was smooth sails all the time. My previous iPhone 3G was not this great although I used the same SIM Card for both phones. The SIM Card is Post-paid XL for an unlimited data plan. You MUST TRY!

So that’s my few notes about my new Nexus One. I’ll post new things about it in the coming days and weeks.