Hanamasa Resto - POS

Hanamasa Resto is one of Indonesia’s leading “All You Can Eat” Restaurant. The cuisine is Japanese.

Hanamasa Resto needed a Point of Sales (POS) System that will save them time and cost in reporting each outlet’s sales. After reviewing all the necessities, it was concluded that the POS System is designed to be web based with Ubuntu Linux as the primary OS.

The development team was split into two teams which are:

  • Application Development
  • System Development

The Application utilise PHP/MySQL together with Ajax to enhance its interactivity. It was designed to be as modular as possible so that future upgrades for the application will simply be integrating plugins for the application. All report outputs are web based and exported into Microsoft Excel.

The System was based entirely on Ubuntu Linux 7.04 with XAMPP as the Web Engine. Created a small BASH script to provide installation for both XAMPP and the application. On outlets with 2 POS’s, both of the POS’s are networked with one of them acting as a Server.

For more information regarding Hanamasa Resto, please visit www.hanamasaresto.com.