Happy 7th of August Everyone!

Yabba Dabba Doooooo!!! This is one of the most significant day of the year for me. It’s a time to be thankful, reflect and most importantly taking a moment to step out of the routines and introspect. I am another year closer to my personal goals.

Amongst many, I’m very grateful that during the last 1 year, everything is going upwards steadily. It’s actually one of the best years in my life. I learned to code in another mobile platform, that’s a biggie! A platform I was disappointed before but now has shown great potential. Another reason for me to learn the platform was because of data in Urbanesia’s mobile web speaks loud and clear.

I have put most of my time in the last year into one special green hope called Urbanesia. I am not alone in this matter, all 19 persons (at the moment) are the same. More specifically to a team of 4 which we as team members fondly call Betanesia. A very small team working on big projects.

Each one of us are insanely committed to code like ninjas and think like Einstein. This is something I’m totally grateful to J, He has led me to shape and manage a team who are brave and always eager to learn! A team that is very dynamic, pro active, super productive and above all, PASSIONATE. Teamwork have never been more fun.

Most of the paragraphs written talks about my professional life lol. I’ve always been passionate about what I do to a point that I realize I’m a real workaholic. Release eary, release often is in a sense the core of anything I do. Even on this day, I fell a sleep on my bed with my laptop “Abra” still powered on with an IDE in the foreground lol. It’s tiresome when I think about all the things I’ve done but every tasks completed is an energy boost for the next task, call me crazy but it’s true.

During the last 3 months, J introduced me to another extraordinary team of 4. A team that encourages leading by example with plenty of love involved. Thank you J for letting me be a part of their lives and them as mine. A testament that love is the most subtle force on this God given earth that can and will move mountains. Love doesn’t fade, it just transforms into something else and it can be as great if you let it grow :)

One of the days in the last 1 year, our family at home were blessed with a random coming of a dog. The dog suddenly came out of nowhere to our front gate, came inside and since then never wanted to go out from our gates again. We call him “Burik”. It’s because his black fur is covered with brown marks all over lol. Dogs usually have oval eyes, well Burik’s eyes are as round as round can be. He’s always hungry to be pet and although one of the best guard dog, he knows the difference of friends and foes. Thank God for Burik, he’s always a pleasant surprise every time I go to work in the morning and coming in at night.

Writing about my family, every one of our big family plays an important influence in shaping who I am today. Most specifically is my Grandma. She is the lighthouse who shines every time any one of us are in need and her love towards us is amazing (an understatement still). Coming from a Batak family, our family inherits a strong value of togetherness. Love isn’t always Hollywood-like, another form of love is by being tough. Spoiled since a boy but when it’s time to fend myself, my family taught me that nothing is impossible when you rest your life in His hands. Every thing I do won’t mean anything without Him in the driver’s seat, thanks for this lesson Grandma, I love you big time!

So this wraps up another year plenty of blessings, new friends, new learnings and still with the same love towards life. Thank you for everyone who said or didn’t say the things I needed, I love you all. God bless every one of you and if you’re a developer, leaving you this snippet of code:

(Me.isDamnGoodAtSomething()) ? Me.learnSomeMore() : Me.learnSomeMore();