Happy 7th of August Everyone!

Yeay the best part of every year :) Thanks for all the wishes guys! The first wish award was won by @andreasfendri exactly 1 minute after 00.00. This year is quite the treat for me, the 28th 7th of August and the deadline is now 2 years and counting hehehe.

Please accept my gratitude from all the warm wishes. Interesting to see how social media is now really a social network. The word viral is living up to its definition.

Hmm talking about deadlines, it’s like closing down on me in a speedier pace than before lol. You guys must have your own personal target right? Mine is coming to a near. It’s on track but still have lots and lots of room for more improvement to be honest.

How I love how paddies are bowing and closer to earth every time they mature. Exactly an attitude that everyone must adhere to. It is my believe that with being humble, it is a respect generator. You don’t get respect, you earn it with how you treat others. Something I’m still learning.

Anyways, again thank you guys for all the wishes, I love you all ;)