Hello Urbanesia!

A cheerful morning today. Exactly 1 month before my birthday and the switch to Urbanesia is complete. Very happy to integrate with Urbanesia with the role Chief Innovation Officer.

Selina Limman, CEO of Urbanesia told at Urbanesia’s blog here a short recap on how this all began. From my point of view, I just love Urbanesia’s currently over than 200.000 POIs database. No other local website is enriched with that much data and its quality is an example to follow.

Rama from his post here have said much about what’s going to happen next. An emphasize on Urbanesia’s API will be added with more features this coming month. Soon this much data will be made available through the use of Urbanesia’s API as a web service. Another priority with great importance is getting Urbanesia out from its Beta phase. This will be aligned in parallel with Urbanesia API. So when the time comes for us give you guys leverage, we’re sure to keep you guys coming back by our quality of service.

Anyways, thank you very much for the heartwarming wishes, I also wish you all the best in your own journeys. Have a great day!