[HELP] Beta Testers Wanted for an Android App

Good evening all. Continuing my Guest Post at DailySocial.net, I’m beta testing an Android app titled Poligamy lol. Need your help :) It’s an app to test real world HTTP connections and also to test Location-related features. I added an Augmented Reality viewer to trigger your geek souls hehe.

Poligamy is built upon the Urbanesia class I posted before. It gets its POI data from Urbanesia and distribute the data into 3 main parts of the app which are List View, Map View and Augmented Reality View. It’s still in its early stages so it’s not too fancy, will do fancy things after it’s rock solid :)

Some notes, for the Augmented Reality View to work, you will need Wikitude installed. If you haven’t install it, the app will ask you to install Wikitude. The app is compiled for Android 2.1 (Eclair) with Google API. I used a lot of 2.1 features so my apologies for < 2.1 Android phone users.

Anyways, before going through, please make sure the followings first so you can install the app directly from your Browser:

  1. Go to Settings - Applications
  2. Check on Unknown Sources
This DOES NOT do any malicious things and you have to take my word on it. I will share the source code if you’re that interested.

INVITATION: To all location based data provider in Indonesia, if you want your data source to be included into Poligamy or any other inquiries, I would gladly do so. Please tweet me and let’s talk about it over coffee. Thanks.

Scan the QR code below on your Android phone to download and install Poligamy.

Would appreciate it if you’d be so kind to tweet me or Comment this post about how the app is performing with your Android phone. Thanks in advance, enjoy Poligamy!

Update 1: Reuploaded the APK to have more logcat debugging messages - 19:1316 May 2010

Update 2: Bug reported by @phoetz about the app exiting because of NullPointerException when getting Location info. Fixed and updated APK has been uploaded. Try it - 15:3917 May 2010

Update 3: Poligamy now available at Android Market! UI redesigning with @andreasfendri maestro of UI layout and design! - 23:4017 May 2010