#hwotd on Twitter

It’s 2010 now!

I’m starting 2010 with a resolution to tweet “Hello World” in various languages (programming languages included) at least once a day. All of my “Hello World” tweets will end with #hwotd.

I’m doing this for the sheer fun of learning multiple languages. Other than that, I want to let you guys know the first step in any programming language.

I written my first “Hello World” in BASIC more than 18 years ago. It was on an old and discarded 486 PC that loaded BASIC if I didn’t inserted a DOS floppy. It was from then on I fell in love with it.

Now I make a living out of it and so very proud of that 486 PCs I used back then. I thought I wrecked more than enough times but it seems my lack of knowledge back then was the culprit.

So the key is knowledge! Knowledge came from Google nowadays and it’s been a heck lot easier to learn than 18 years ago.

Anyways keep up with #hwotd by following @tista on Twitter. Write your “Hello World” and put #hwotd on it!