So a few weeks ago I wrote about joining Icehouse. Today was my first day. I spent around 2 months before finally joining. I had already agreed a short 2 months contract work earlier, hence the delay.

My first day turned out to be different. I’ve had a few first days during the years but today was worth blogging about.

Engineering Culture

This is the one thing I value most out of Icehouse. Not just the implementations but all the ideas behind the scenes. Visiting the office for the first time a few weeks back, the culture is already apparent. Today I experienced it first hand.

We talked about infrastructure and architectural designs. Something that I can contribute significantly. The talk brought up solutions. I’m still learning all the bits and pieces but already very comfortable.

Those countless research time will have a more meaningful end result.


Icehouse is not Google of course. No free lunch or exotic/thematic rooms but it’s enough to keep me at the office. There’s a “Sakti” Office Boy making rounds on all of us before lunch to buy anything you’d want for lunch. It’s enough.

About 5 PM, I got chocolate hungry. Beng-beng and Hot Milo Milk were my guilty pleasure.

There are a lot more in store really. Come visit and see for yourself.

Just after my first orientation meeting ended, I was given a Macbook Pro Retina 15” as my temporary laptop for 3 months. Afterwards, I am eligible for both a computer ownership program and a smartphone ownership program.

Having been active in the startup world for the last 4 years, this is a refreshing breeze in the right direction. It’s not just a “nice to have”, it’s for those little things that matter. Things that’ll eventually lead to quality.