Icy Start - Soon!

It’s 14 March 2014 and 2 things have happened. The first is @Jokowi_do2 running for President, Yeay! And the second is me finalizing my beginning at Ice House!

After resigning from Urbanesia, more doors opened. I am humbled by the opportunities offered but Ice House is hard to resist. There are a lot of like minded people already aboard. In particular @femmerling. Further more, I can’t resist the opportunity to build.

I will be joining Ice House as Lead Engineer for Platform this coming April 2014.

My past experiences in full stack development is my test. From frontend, backend, machine learning to Android development, I can’t wait to start. The opportunity to learn and absorb more knowledge is definitely my achilles heel.

There are a lot of new tech at play over at Icehouse, not just as a gimmick but as a selling point to live lives better with tech. I used to be lonely as an early adopter, now I can actually build something out of it.

And one more thing, Python is an underdog there. Let’s see how Pythonic Ice House will be :D

Hack \m/