Jajan for Android Open Sourced at Github

Jajan for Android is now Open Sourced at Github a few hours ago. I personally hope that by looking at the source code provided, more and more developers will sync to the tune of how easy it is to create an Android application. I wrote most of the codes 7 August 2011 in under 4 hours. Using ready made libraries already available within Android and also other third party libraries, it helped to ease the complications.

The source code is NOT perfect, there’s a lot of places where it could be optimized aggressively even more. More of the optimization will most definitely lie within the ListView. At any case, it will load 100 search results, you can make this endless by loading an incremental of your choice.

The codes are available at https://github.com/tistaharahap/jajan/.

Excerpts from the README shown below:

JAJAN by Urbanesia

Jajan is a simple app to showcase Urbanesia’s API v1.0 and how you can extend for your own apps.

As of this writing, the initial commit is at sync with Jajan’s binaries at Android Market which is version 1.1.1. Upcoming Jajan versions will NOT be published from the codebase here in Github, this repository is treated as an example for future third party apps by you.

Jajan is available in multiple platforms, go to http://jajan.urbanesia.com/, if your device is one of the supported platform, it will redirect to your device’s application store or it may have you download a binary for your platform.