Killing Time - Android Apps Instead of Smoking

This few weeks, I’ve been actively downloading and using apps just to try them on and see which ones that’s enough to make my smoking habits go away for a while. Some of it are apps you only use occasionally while some are apps you’d definitely use everyday when it suits you.

  1. Basketball Shot - DroidHen This app is addictive because I like the sports and although now I rarely play, I like to go to Timezone and shoot some. Basketball Shot is exactly like the one I played in Timezone. Flick the ball with my thumbs and make a 3 pointer ;)
  2. Paper Toss I bet all of us have played this game. Things that makes you flick your thumbs is a definite hit right now lol. A must try if you haven’t had the chance to play this game. Just don’t play it at work, you’re gonna loose a lot of time playing it.
  3. DildoDroid Yes you read it right! When you’re an Android owner, you most likely like to brag about what an Android can do and you should brag about this app. It has multiple vibrator modes. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like the rhythmic pace that makes it vibrate on and off. You’ll never know when you’re gonna need it hahaha.
  4. Android Market Come on, it’s where you find all these great apps! Install MarketEnabler if you’re not in one of the countries privileged to have more apps shown. You can actually loose yourself downloading apps.
  5. AppAware Like Android Market but it’s social. Get reviews from others and nearbys. I only have 1 suggestion, don’t forget to unlink Twitter from AppAware if you’re gonna install apps you don’t want anyone to know hahahaha.
  6. Robo Defense FREE I tell stories about how this game made me embrace the autism in me. You will not want to be bothered when you’re playing. The graphics is nothing fancy but the gameplay is just perfect. Just like Winning Eleven, just can’t get enough of it!
  7. My Year Book Last but not least, this particular app and its website is an example to follow when you want to focus on user’s engagements. The slogan: Friends, Flirts, Fun! Go ahead and install!!
Ok that’s just about it, now open up your Android Market. Smokers, you’d find this a healthy exit :)