Leap of Faith

Have you ever done that? Your own Leap of Faith. I did that many times but only these past few years I knew that the leaps I did was for the right faith. I didn’t keep count of my leaps but the results are all well in my life.

Stretching back 7 years ago was when I felt that life is worth every single push to the top. My dear Grandpa ended 73 years of blessings here and went home to JC to start a new one. It was my first defining moment as a person. I lived with my Grandpa since I was only single digit. Letting him go was hard BUT I let go really fast. My first lesson in life that time was every one of us is here in this God given Earth for a single reason: To Love. Once you figured out (or couldn’t) what Love is then you’re through. It is through my Grandpa’s love, I can see reflections of JC in him.

One year after, I said to myself that I wanted something else in life, something I couldn’t get here in Jakarta. I quit my studies at Binus to pursue a dream I had. I am a single-minded person, I get what I want when I want it. That’s probably my weakness. I relied on me and me alone. To cut things short, I got my dream. Somewhere along the way, He expected a different outcome from me. He wanted me to taste what it is like relying only to myself.

Here comes my second defining moment in life. I was stranded in Singapore for a night with only SG$ 23 left and nowhere to go. I couldn’t ask for help from anyone but thankfully the next day, I would have enough money to go home. So that night I was on my own. I slept outside an apartment’s emergency door. Thankfully because of sleeping there, I met with a very kind security officer. He was an Indonesian but he immigrated there and became a citizen. He gave me cigarettes and some food and drink for the night. I went looking for him on my last trip to Singapore a couple months ago but I couldn’t find him. Anyways, the next day I managed to get myself home with a lesson that I’m nothing without JC. No matter how well-planned or prepared I am, there’s no success story if it’s not His will. So better to surrender all, do my best and let Him do the rest, it’s His promise anyways :)

Earlier tonight I read a blog post by @nataliardianto here and here. I wasn’t alone in my experiences in life :) Thanks for the inspiring read up bro!

The next defining moment of my life was when I realize that nothing is impossible. I’ve been down before and got up almost as fast as being down. Just have to say to myself that in the end, this is all worth it. Yea I know, a very result-oriented approach. The single most important end that I’m looking for is the end of me :) This gives me an edge battling through everything. Not fearing the end makes me in peace with my own self. As long as I’m alive, it just makes me stronger hehe.

For this past 2,5 years in my life, He gave me Jo. Here’s my own serendipity story about us. When we first dated, we were both in the beginnings of our own lives. She bought a house and was on her way to the new house when she spotted a barbershop nearby her new house. The barbershop was named: BATISTA. You must agree with me that my name is not the most common name here in Indonesia right? She was always on my side throughout my rough years. She is my fourth defining moment in life. Soon we are gonna say our vows before Him, I can’t wait!

While writing this post I come to think that my life is a lot like a drama of happy endings. I say happy endings because it is. All I have to do is just ask for it and let Him move mountains. When I say mountains, I meant hearts. He’s the One Who knows us personally by our hearts and therefore He’s the only who can move hearts. It’s like Wifi with unlimited radius and zero latency ;)

To wrap things up, the geek inside of me wants me to write some codes lol. Here we go!

package my.self;

import me.leap; import me.of; import me.faith;

public class Me extends Myself {

public Me(Context mName) {

public boolean AskForIt() {
    return true;


The code above is Open Source GPL v3. Use it anyway you want, just make it GPL v3 when you publish your own modifications ;)