Mixed and Mixed

Okay this one is non-technical at all. So for anyone reading this, might as well enjoy the ride of some lessons I learned recently with life in general. I’m not a teacher so stop reading if anywhere along the way you feel that I’m one. This is an expression of mixed circumstances with a little tech twist.

I don’t keep count of how many times I said this in my blog or at the office but 2011 is a year full of challenges and obstacles. It’s square one and all the achievements and accomplishments mean NOTHING! This is a fresh start and everything in my arsenal is worthless. It’s time to make write something in my own personal history and define 2011 to myself and those around me.

A selfish thought the paragraph above but that’s who I am. Very selfish but I care about others. So now it’s again a blog post full of hopes and dreams. You know what, I’m getting a bit tired of hopes and dreams, this is the time to make everything into a reality. Being a single minded person, sometimes others can’t accept it easily. Well as always, I don’t care about what others think about me. That’s a bit negative but that’s where my balance is.

My blog posts nearing the end of 2010 are all about being positive about 2011. That’s full of hopes and dreams, now 2011 is here, need to convert them into solid facts. The most difficult phase is actually convincing myself that it’s doable. I mean, I’ve proven that impossible is just a perspective, but now, everything is so huge. I feel like I’m a tadpole in a big pool. So small but no matter how small I am, I am significant. Quite selfish (again) but then, I don’t give a shit.

All and all, everything in my life is dynamic. Nothing is consistent, everything changes according to my current predicament. Just like the web, everything is dynamic. I live a life so dynamic that it’s exactly like the web but I feel so small. I need to acquire more perspectives. After all, “diatas langit masih ada langit”. An Indonesia proverb meaning that above you, there’s someone else with more and more experience than you.

For my last paragraph, just wanna say thanks to all my friends and colleagues, you guys are just incredible. God bless you all!