Morning Glory

Does any of you guys know what Morning Glory means? I can think of 3 definitions and one of them is sexual hahaha. Well this morning I was lucky enough to experience Morning Glory. I am NOT a morning person. It’s like coded in my genes that everything works after sunset BUT the recent changes of direction in my life are affecting me in a peculiar way.

Anyways, this morning I had coffee with @rampok at Starbucks Melawai. Did you know that yesterday was his birthday? My gift was “Roti Surga” hahaha. At the same building, there’s this incredible bakery my girlfriend Jo took me to. You must try every bread they have in store, they’re delicious and that’s still an understatement. Roti Surga is my own term for that splendid Bacon Bread and it’s BACON ;)

We met to talk about our upcoming #GOAT trip to Jogja and Bandung to attend Bancakan and FOWAB. We talked about what’s going on with Indonesia’s web scene. Everything from the new DailySocial, Urbanesia, #StartupLokal and all things in between.

Can u find a fine line between the topics we talked about? Yea it’s GEEKDOM or The Kingdom of Geek hahaha. He called me a geek! The best compliment I can think of lol. Actually he’s way geeker in looks, you’re wearing glasses Rama hahaha.

I asked him what motivates him to be the man he is right now. Putting it simple, Rama answered it straight up saying he is what he is and that everything he does is reflections of his ideals and passion. He is a geek and always will be. We continued the conversation to talked about how a geek runs a startup.

I guess there’s no easy way to have pointers of what to do and what not to do. Instead, it’s a startup and as I said before in my this blog post, every one of us is our own startup. Our startup is our own reflection of ourselves. To really magnify yourselves into a company and a business is not easy but it’s completely doable. Look at Facebook lol.

Grassroot Geekness is key for every startup. That’s what’s gonna keep us down to earth and relate our startups with the current trends and or market. Geeks does not give up easily and this is a trait founders of global MNC companies who started from zero has. Like all of you guys, I had my own share of midnight codings, it’s the very definition of who I am. I am a geek.

Nowadays there are more geeks ruling the world more than we ever realized. Every big names in the web industry both locally and globally started out from midnight codings. Our own number 1 website in Indonesia is proof. Kaskus rebranded their community without any meaningful loss of members, instead they grew bigger and bigger overtime.

Rama once told me a story of how Koprol is from the beginning. He was invited to the house of one of the founder to have the privilege to be one of the earliest adopter of Koprol. It started out in a home, not in a big company. Look at them now, the title startup is no longer relevant, a compliment by the way ;)

This was my morning glory. I realized that I am not alone in the web of uncertainty called a startup. The unity to be as one entity is an idea worthy of an execution beyond one’s personal/business objectives. Every one of us are geniuses in our own endeavor. It’s up to us to be one or separated. Being one is my choice any day.

Again I have to honor the #StartupLokal founders for giving geeks like myself a chance to be heard. You guys rock, it’s my sincere hope that the unity we have right now is preserved and more importantly EMPOWER every #StartupLokal to a point where we as individual entities no longer have to follow, we CAN create. We have the guts, we need the support!

Thank you :)