My GMAIL Account Hacked


To all of you who received an email from tistaharahap [at] gmail [dot] com earlier this evening around 2.15 AM (GMT +7), please ignore it. It was sent without me knowing. I don’t know how the sender got my password but the emails certainly got my signature in every emails the sender sent.

[caption id=“attachment_240” align=“alignnone” width=“340” caption=“The Sender was from Poland”]The Sender was from Poland[/caption]

I’ve never been from Poland and the country should be in a state of national grieve but someone from there (according to the log above) used my GMAIL account. Further investigation reveals these facts:

  • Hostname:
  • City: Bedzin, 35 -
  • Latitude: 50°33'33" North
  • Longitude: 19°15'00" East
  • ISP Admin Names: Bartosz Bachowski and Michal Hankus
  • ISP Admin Email: biuro [at]
The email contains a link to [dot] com/site/hgy6egduo/oesw7u and on that page there's an image from ImageShack that has been removed because it violate's ImageShack's TOS. When you click on the image, it goes directly to a website wikarvuava [dot] com. It's said to be a Canadian Health & Care Mall selling Viagra and other "potent" drugs lol. A quick WHOIS for the domain reveal:
  • Owner: Michael Pritz
  • Address: 704 Morgantown Avenue
  • ZIP: 26554
  • Town: Fairmount
  • Country: USA
  • Telephone: +1.3043663665
  • Email: hokerindo [at]
So if any of you guys felt irritated by the emails the sender sent, please I implore you to join me up and send emails to the ISP admins or the "potent" drugs website owner.

This is BAD SEO/Spam tactics. Well anyways, my apologies for the emails, I’ve changed my password. Thanks.