Today is the day I checked out from Icehouse. It has been a dense 6 months. Most of it spent learning, improving and implementing all kinds of knowledge. From people to tech, I’ve been fortunate to have experienced a very geeky time while I was at Icehouse.

It’s important to underline that the future of Indonesia’s next CEOs and CTOs are concentrated in Senopati. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the best engineers. Juniors at Icehouse can come and challenge leads with a ferocious hunger for knowledge, a great pointer on how well Icehouse is setting the bar in Indonesia.

All the while engineers, PMs, QAs and everything in between led a very healthy balance of work and life. It’s not an easy place to leave, not much companies out there in Indonesia is as imposing.

The best thing I learned while I was there is Engineering Management. Lars Oleson, Icehouse’s COO is the best manager I’ve ever worked for. He himself is an engineer with an infinite wisdom towards the discipline and people. I envy my ex colleagues.

But it’s time for me to checkout. Another huge opportunity in in the horizon. That opportunity is Ardent Labs. Having previously raised $ 12.5 millions from Sinarmas, Ardent Capital is coming to Indonesia.

Excited to be working with Pete to raise the bar of Indonesia’s startup scene.

What is your biggest achievement?

My answer: People

I started out in this domain a long time ago from when computers still have a turbo button. The best lesson I’ve got is that my limit is myself. Formal education is of no interest to me, you don’t get far just by a piece of paper. Although my son later should have one of course.

Abstractions suddenly makes sense. What’s the utmost abstraction of all? People! So it’s only natural to empower others with knowledge and ideals.

Opung (my Grandpa) taught me that thin line between a white or black hat. He doesn’t know anything about computers but he understands people.

With Ardent Labs, I am committed to help empower others with anything and everything I have learned. That said, I also want to learn about you, your ideas, your ideals and everything in between. I want to set people up for success.

Time waits for no man, I’m starting out tomorrow as VP of Research & Development at Ardent Labs. It’s an exciting time for the tech scene in Indonesia and I hope to meet the next CEO, CTO and or CXO at Ardent Labs.

In Pete’s own words:

Think big and act different.