How do you digest the word online nowadays? It has shifted definitely from its initial meaning.

Back when The Internet was in its early stages, the term online is associated with its antonym. Yes you guessed it right: offline. Being online is a state of connectivity, while offline indicates a disconnected state.

Today the term online has matured its audience and it is becoming more and more a lifestyle of people on the go. This trend is greatly supported by the abundance of mobile devices promoting their online capabilities.

Indonesia is enjoying an explosive mobile devices growth. The business oriented device we have grown accustomed to is now a lifestyle icon. Blackberry sales and operator coverage are plentiful in the past 2 years. Especially with its Blackberry Messenger (BBM) application, everyone is in a state of connectivity with friends and relatives. Other hand-held brands (specifically Chinese made) are on their way mimicking the Messenger application. They are building infrastructures here in Indonesia to support their own version of Blackberry Messenger.

Getting online is now a personal thing thanks to mobile devices. What was before the most successful MP3 player in the world has now further its features by enabling WiFi. The Apple iPod Touch (now in its third generation) is the product. Browsing on small mobile devices is now bearable although desktop browsers are unbeatable. The most interesting part of it will be the App Store application. You can download free and paid applications & games right from your palm. Not to mention you can see YouTube videos on its relatively BIG touch screen.

It is a done deal, your identity as a person is now online. Indonesia will enjoy more and more innovations in the coming years as technology gets cheaper and competitions get tighter.

What do you think your online future will be 5 years from now?