02 April 2020 by Batista Harahap on vgen | ssd | gigabit

Terrible Vgen SSD Performance

The title is not clickbait, it is what it is. For my Unraid box, I used 3 SSD's I bought from Vgen. The first SSD was bought a year ago, it was a data drive for my work computer. The other 2 SSD's was bought a few months ago. As

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30 March 2020 by Batista Harahap on unraid | roon | Music | wfh

Unraid Case/Motherboard Upgrade And Some More

Just can't saya this enough; UNRAID IS GREAT! Ever since I assembled my Unraid box and got it licensed, I have now used up more than 50% of my storage space. It's time to upgrade to prepare adding more storage when it gets to 80%. With this rate though, I

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10 March 2020 by Batista Harahap on unraid | home | roon | audiophile | flac

Roon - Audiophile's Favorite

I love music and not only I listen to it, I write music too. Now I think there's only 1 way of listening to music: loud. Listening loud to immerse myself in those high frequency hi hats, lower frequency bass line or kicks. Just recently, I moved my monitor speaker

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04 March 2020 by Batista Harahap on unraid | server | home

Unraid - (Semi) Pro Home

I made the jump to buy a license for my Unraid box and finally writing this blog post to elaborate what I've done with it. Such simplicity with the power to do anything you can imagine off of a home server. I still think I'm only scratching the surface here,

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06 February 2020 by Batista Harahap on trade | bitcoin | margin

Surfing Market Makers Wave

If you trade cryptocurrencies, you're usually booked for destination fucked for your first trade. I'm actually talking about me. Cryptocurrencies were my first trading experience, never before I traded. In this blog post, I'll be writing about what I learned so far from a technical analysis point of view. Over

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