07 August 2016 by Batista Harahap

Happy 7th of August 2016!

It's this time of the year again. I want to say Happy 7th of August everyone! This year has been nothing short of a blessed year. It's incredible how just 1 year can have so many changes yet it's only a year. I got the best birthday present ever from

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21 May 2016 by Batista Harahap

BNI Online Debit

Accidentally I signed up for a BNI account. It was out of necessity to pay for my son's passport. As a bonus, BNI provides a way for its customers to use their Debit cards online. The cool thing is, they don't have to input their card number online. In order

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09 April 2016 by Batista Harahap


ANJING HILANG Di keluarga kecil kita, Tiro sudah ada bersama kami sejak Februari 2014. Kita mesti nerima kenyataan bahwa hanya 2 tahun 2 bulan Tiro bersama kami. Hari Senin, 4 April 2016 yang lalu, Tiro dititipkan ke Caesar JacO. Sebuah penitipan anjing yang sudah kerap kali kita gunakan di Cluster

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13 April 2015 by Batista Harahap on android | notetoself | camera

Android's Camera Preview

This is a note to self post. Today I've been figuring out to have my own custom Camera Activity. A newbie mistake made the Activity to block the UI when initializing. Here's the problem and the fix. I started camera.startPreview() at surfaceCreated(SurfaceHolder holder). When I moved to surfaceChanged(

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