PC Build for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I have been playing the game since it launched, well over 3 months now. Have tried to play with RTX 2070 Super and RTX 3080. This blog post is more about the rationale on building a PC specifically to play the game and being able to enjoy it without blowing your pocket. Though to be honest, the latest and greatest will always be more enjoyable.

Talked more in details with specs on my last post. For my eyes, the final build is the most pleasing.

About Your Screen

Your screen or the screen which you want to play the game on is single most deciding factor for the other parts of the build. You won’t need a 3080 for a 1080P screen, which happens to be the resolution of most builds (66%) according to Steam.

Personally I wouldn’t consider a 1080P screen, too many jagged edges, anti aliasing won’t help much. Not just in games, in trading charts it’s very real.


A build for 1080P screens will be much more affordable. Heck, an integrated GPU will do well with tweaks to the settings.

Nope not Intel, I feel sorry for you if you’re trying to play the game with an Intel integrated GPU.

I’ve owned an RX 580 for a long time, did not upgrade it because of its versatility. Works in Hackintosh and it’s not bad for games in 1080P and sometimes in 1440P. This is also true for this game in 1080P.