Poligamy AR - Redesigned UI - by @andreasfendri

Hi everyone. This past few weeks, a friend of mine @andreasfendri is working on a renewed UX for Poligamy AR. I am in debt with him and please accept my thanks ndre :)

Back to Poligamy AR, it’s a needed refreshment from the standard Android UI set. The design is now featuring custom made tabs and list view. Looking at the design initially, I was impressed with Andre’s touch of modern UI and combining it with wooden elements.

I fell in love with it because the design directly correlates with what Poligamy AR is in its core. It’s an app that drives people from their online Android devices to offline venues. So to combine a modern function with a more down to earth element is matching Poligamy AR ingeniously.

You can see a screenshot of it down here. Click to enlarge the image.

[caption id=“attachment_412” align=“aligncenter” width=“159” caption=“Poligamy AR Redesigned”]Poligamy AR Redesigned[/caption]

Would love to hear what you wanna say about the new UI. Critics are very welcomed!

Thanks Ndre! If you guys need any UX guidance and consultancy, you MUST talk to Andre!