Rebirth: Mediafusion


In a few weeks, I’m off to a new adventure in life!

I’m resigning with my current job as a web developer in one of Jakarta’s most prominent 5 stars hotel and starting up my own Mediafusion.

Partnered with Sukenji Ramadahasim, we are PT. Mediafusion Interactive Communication. It’s been a lifelong dream and now it’s slowly becoming a reality. I learned a great deal of managerial knowledge in such a short time span getting the pieces together.

Starting your own company is NOT as simple as it might have seemed to me before. It actually quite amusing! I’m getting new knowledge and it’s enough to fuel me through the hectic moments for now.

Anyways, Mediafusion is everything you need in the Online world. We have all the infrastructure needed for a fresh online communication and development experience. From web hosting, designing and development coupled with a strong sense of communication, we are complete.

Mediafusion is now working on its pilot project for Rolling Stones Entertainment Center, Bali. We are creating a website for them. It’s not just a website, it’s a complete online/offline marketing & communication solution. When it’s up and running, I’ll put the website address here.

It’s been quite a ride these past few months, a lot has happened and thank you Lord for giving me the strength!