Ok it’s been a few months since my last post.

Just a few days ago I was looking at the statistics for and I found some interesting numbers like so:

  1. Each month the number of visits peaked at 30%. Especially around February when I started to guerrilla my way posting technology related tweets with my @tista twitter account. Visits Surge
  2. is mostly visited by visitors from Russia, accounting for roughly 52% of the total pageviews. This is why I paid Google a little visit to translate a phrase, so here it goes “Privet, Rossiya”. Russia
  3. Now this is the most interesting fact that got my attention right away. At least 91% of the total visit was a direct visit which means most of the visitors typed in into their browser’s address bar. I’m flattered :) Hope this trend will keep continuing. Where
So eventually I’m currently reworking and adding in some Twitter elements. I’ve come to love Twitter by the way. It feels great to share information and knowledge to others. I mean this. In the following weeks I will be experimenting with different approaches and my apologies if some of the experiments will have a bad effect for your eyes.

Lastly, I wanna give a big warm welcome to everyone and hopefully you all will enjoy this blog as much as I do. Thank you very much!