RIM Inactive Use or User Hoax

Okay, I’m telling you guys why the RIM Inactive Use or User message is a hoax. I hate broadcast messages because it is like a robotic message being ping-ponged around without any soul in it. Well here’s why it’s a hoax:

  1. This is the most important reason: YOU PAID FOR YOUR BLACKBERRY SERVICE! Indonesians are lucky our BB Service plan is unlimited data plan for a fixed rate. Elsewhere in the world, people are capped by the Megabytes of data they send and receive. Imagine pissed customers being tagged inactive and robbed off of their PAID services including with their BBM contacts, lawsuits will follow at least to your respective Operators if not directly to RIM.
  2. I’m an IT guy and I do work for the masses of people that will benefit my services. So it is with great ease I tell you that if you’re inactive with your BBM activity, this will benefit RIM! I bet you’re asking why in your head. Less activities mean less load on the servers and this is cost saving. Did you know Facebook pays US$ 1 Million every month for their electric bill? So you can imagine the electric bill savings if you’re not active with your already PAID BBM service.
  3. This might be RIM’s own doings! You never know right? This kind of thing builds hype and awareness and as you all know, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. It’s just plain old publicity. So please refrain yourselves from broadcasting another message. You already PAID for your Blackberry handset and its services, isn’t that enough tangible profit for RIM? You’re just giving them more profit intangibly.
  4. Some say it’s competitor jealousy. I can vouch for this. The amount of people clicking on the link to Blackberry.com/inactiveusers can make RIM’s web server crippled. It’s far fetched but if the traffic is plenty enough to cause a Distributed Denial of Service then competitors reached their goal. Although still it’s RIM’s gain because one more time I’m saying this, no such thing as bad publicity!
  5. It give great opportunities for people like me who is aware that situations like this is profitable. Why so? Well you’re on my blog reading this article. I think that is clear enough why. If I’m a malicious person, I can trick you and prepare a phishing page to get all your Blackberry Email Settings login details. So be careful next time clicking on links from your BBM or any other untrusted source.
So please be considerate and think before you act when sending and receiving broadcast messages. As I said before, broadcast messages doesn’t have any soul in them and should only be used to deliver reliable and trustworthy messages. Other than that, you’re just being played.

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